What is Kandu®?

What is New Kandu

Kandu® is a "Role-Playing Themed Edutainment Center and Restaurant" where families will eat, enjoy and learn while they have fun. The ultimate goal of Kandu® is to provide our guests with a compelling experience that is immersive, interactive, entertaining and deeply educational.

For kids, Kandu® offers a highly interactive Role-Play experience that is at the same time exciting and inspiring; for adults, Kandu® offers a friendly environment where they can relax, enjoy, interact with their kids and even learn about interesting topics related to their kids' development.

Kandu® spins around a restaurant where kids can become Chefs and cook their own banquet right at their table where adults can help while they are able to order from a high-class menu. While in the restaurant, our guests could enjoy one of the scheduled presentations at the Theater, T.V. Studio, or the Fashion runway.

Kids have fun participating in activities and experiences at the various venues around the city where they can become anything from Police Officers to Marine Biologist, a Fashion Model or a Firefighter. Some of these activities such as the Arts Academy allow adults to participate.

Beyond the restaurant area, parents can either join in on the fun or simply observe their children from one of the adult designated areas that include a Cafe, a Parents Lounge, and a Bar. The venues are open and without visual obstructions so parents can watch their kids from the comfort of their seats. Parents can simply relax and enjoy with a glass of wine or use a set of wireless headphones to isolate themselves from the background and watch one of our Parenting Programs where they will learn about interesting topics such as setting boundaries, anger management, developmental stages of childhood, self esteem, family conflict, communication and other interesting topics that will provide information and needed tools for raising a happy and healthy child. Also some adult's activities such as cooking or crafts classes will present creative outlets for parents while taking part in these Parenting Programs.

Kandu® is also a safe environment and a highly educative alternative for school fieldtrips, as well as after school programs. These programs encompass topics such as entrepreneurism, performance, arts, health and fitness, cooking, and science. Specialized activities and experiences exclusive to these programs ensure a unique occurrence set apart to that typically experienced in Kandu®.
For companies Kandu® is also a different and unique set to perform special events or team building programs.
Kandu® is a creative set for the entire family to join together, learn and have fun.

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