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What is Kandu®?


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The concept of Kandu® is based on the same principle of Role-playing that is revolutionizing both the Entertainment and the Education segments , with a particular attention to parents who are the ultimate decision makers .

Kandu® is a City where children will submerge themselves into intense real world experiences in an exciting and inspiring way.
By Role-playing, children understand the foundation of the society that one day they will be in charge of.
Kids learn through exploration, discovery and the power of their imagination and Kandu® was born to explode this powerful educational process.

Real Fantasy

Imagination is the most powerful ingredient in children's play, and through imagination Fantasy can become real and even tangible;
in fact a dragon or a super-hero could be as real as a Police officer or a Doctor in a child's mind.

In Kandu®, we use the power of Fantasy to serve as a vehicle for the development of values and the educational component that we endorse, carrying the message deeper into kids minds.

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