Brand Partners

Kandu® believes in the connection of families to the core values of our Corporate Partners. By facilitating children education in an entertaining environment, our Brand Partners fulfill an important commitment to society. They communicate their values within a positive context empowering kids and inspiring parents for a prosperous life. By doing this, the entire family responds with a sense of goodwill, cementing a lifelong loyalty to our Partners' Brands.

Today, Experiential Branding is the most important trend in marketing and it is replacing conventional advertisement practices. Corporate brands have found in Role-playing Theme parks an innovative and powerful platform to create such kind of experiences which turn out to be the perfect media to communicate with children and families. Still, Kandu®'s model presents two important advantages over conventional Role-playing Theme Parks:

Fragmented investment: Although the complete Brand Partnership package may include several Kandu® locations within a specific geographic territory, the expense will be done project by project; this gives our Brand Partners the opportunity to evaluate the progress and results of each individual project, making a safer venture and securing their investment.

Wider market reach: For a similar investment that a Brand Partner could spend to participate on a large format Role- playing Theme Park, it can obtain several Kandu®'s locations, reaching more people in a wider geographic territory. Cross-marketing Campaigns, Branding Campaigns and Promotions can also be fragmented and customized to each individual market.