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Kandu began as a dream more than 14 years ago and is becoming the passion of many people. After several entrepreneurial stints, Luis Javier Laresgoiti founded a successful toy importing and distribution enterprise in Mexico.

The idea for a role-playing theme park came to him after watching his daughter play with his fax machine. Although Laresgoiti bought her several toy telephones, she insisted on playing with the real one. Since he was in the toy business, Laresgoiti first concept was to create a line of realistic toys.

As he started to develop the idea, he realized creating a whole environment for these toys was even more exciting. The idea for Kandu was born.

Before Kandu, Laresgoiti developed a highly successful children's Role-playing Theme Park in Mexico City named "Kids City" (now Kidzania), the first one of its kind in the world.

The concept was a huge success and doubled the attendance expectations since the first year.

In 2002 Laresgoiti decided to pursue the dream in America and chose South Florida to build the first Role-playing Theme Park in the U.S.

Wannado City opened its doors in 2004 and since then the concept has become the leading news in the Theme Park industry and has been awarded as "The Best Concept in the World" by the THEA (Theme Entertainment Association).

Now Laresgoiti begins a new phase of this dream, bringing the concept that he created more than 10 years ago into a new dimension, by strengthening its educational potential, simplifying its design-development-operation, and by adding other components that make this revolutionary concept friendlier, more agile and more exciting.

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